Rockburn Skills Park

Park Design

The design team is working hard on the new park.  Here are a couple samples of what is to come. 

Aug 17 - more renderings have been added below...We'll post more as we get them...

Perspective Rendering
1) Pump Track

        - low-risk circular track for a wide range of skill levels.  Especially appealing to new riders and children.

2) Uphill Return Trail
        - singletrack trail at a low grade to allow riders to climb to the top.

3) Rock Armored Climbing Trail
        - steep, technically challenging climb.

4) Shortcut
5) Easy Flow Trail
        - small rollers and berms that will allow riders to experience bike-optimized trails

6) More Difficult Flow Trail
        - a combination of bike optimized table tops, berms, and short rock drops for more-experienced cyclists.

7) Most Difficult Descending Trail
        - technical descending trail with emphasis on rock technical trail features.  Will also include log technical
          trail features and multiple options.



Rock Armored Climbing Trail (#3)
Short, steep, technically challenging climb to represent typical rocky trails in the mid-Atlantic region.  The trail will likely be fall-line but the rock armoring will make it sustainable.


Easy Flow Trail (#5)
A trail placed at a slight downhill grade and composed of small rollers and bermed turns to allow riders to experience bike-optimized trails.

More Difficult Flow Trail (#6)
A trail containing a combination of bike-optimized table tops, berms, and rock drops for more-experienced cyclists.  The larger features on this trail will allow the continual development of riding skills first honed on the easy flow trail.


Most Difficult Descending Trail (#7)
A technical descending trail with emphasis on rock technical features to represent rocky trails in the mid-Atlantic region. The trail will also include log technical features and multiple options.



MORE is a 501c (3) non-profit representing thousands of area mountain bikers. Founded in 1992, MORE maintains more than 250 miles of natural surface trails in 25 state and county parks in the region. MORE members contribute more than 3,000 volunteer hours annually and have constructed nearly 100 miles of new, sustainable trail. The club also leads hundreds of rides each year at local parks, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

 MORE is committed to environmentally sound and socially responsible mountain biking, facilitating recreational trail cycling, educating about the sport of mountain biking, maintaining local trails, and advocating for increased multi-user trail access.


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